Seth Neumann's Union Pacific in Niles Canyon in HO scale.

Seth Neumann’s “Union Pacific in Niles Canyon” models the Union Pacific Railroad and its operations in the East Bay (Fan Francisco area) in the Spring of 1999.  The layout features accurate renditions of rail served industries such as New United Motor Manufacturing Inc (NUMMI) automobile assembly plant (GM-Toyota joint venture) in Warm Springs, Kaiser Sand and Gravel at Radum, Lehigh Cement in Union City, Waukesha Electric and a Water Treatment Plant in Milpitas as well as iconic railroad structures such as the bridges on the Niles Canyon Railroad (formerly SP Altamont line) and a commuter station in Pleasanton.  The scene is set with a combination of hand painted and photographic backdrops and two creeks are modeled.  The layout is fully signaled with a combination of CMRI hardware, JMRI and CATS software which also offer full CTC dispatching.  Car forwarding is handled with switch list generated by a system of RFID readers and RFID chips on each car.