Dave Houston's Southern Pacific Rocklin Sub in HO Scale.

This now fully sceniced "Rocklin Subdivision" layout features a double deck design with reverse loop staging yards at both ends. Soundtraxx Tsunami sound decoders fill the room with realistic sounds and SP light packages. The layout was designed both for operations and long passenger trains. The impressive passenger terminal is home to many western name trains. The main focus is on the transition era. Dave's layout was featured in NMRA Bulletin December 2010.


Because this layout was Dave's first, LayoutBuilders was contracted to provide assistance with specific projects requiring specialized skills and experience, as well as to provide consultation services on design and construction techniques. These services included track design, bench construction, roadbed installation, track and turnout installation, electronics, and basic scenery shaping. The owner benefited from the guidance of an experienced layout builder, resulting in the development of his own skills through the tutoring services that we provided.
This happy owner has since made much progress on his own, including all finished scenery which at this time is about 80% complete. He writes: "Layout Builders helped me build a layout that continues to bring enjoyment to myself and friends many years after it was completed.  The wisdom of how to do it right the first time is invaluable."
An example of a specialized project we provided was the construction, installation and programming of a dedicated control panel for a hidden staging loop. One dedicated push button selects a desired route by activating all appropriate turnouts at once for the selected route. The panel graphic was created and laminated between two clear plexiglas panels. Then the control buttons and indicator LEDs were installed. A pair of Team Digital SMD84 Switch Control drivers were connected. The panel assembly was installed and connected to the layout. And lastly, the SMD84s were programmed and tested to ensure proper route control functionality.