Southern Pacific Shasta Route in HO scale.

This under construction 22' x 45' depiction of Southern Pacific Railroad's Shasta Division, Black Butte Subdivision in 1952 had been in progress for several years before LayoutBuilders was contracted to assist with some problem areas. All 42 existing turnouts, which had previously been handlaid but were exhibiting some reliability issues, were removed and new handlaid turnouts were constructed to LayoutBuilders' high standards (see how to construct these turnouts in the May 1998 and June 1998 issues of Railroad Model Craftsman).  Additionally, some track was handlaid on Central Valley plastic tie strips as part of this project.
LayoutBuilders has since constructed aproximately 50% of the benchwork, backdrop and fascias, while improving the existing support structures where needed. Several town and switching areas, as well as all staging yards and helix tracks, were designed and built by us.  We installed scenery hard-shell in several areas, including many feet of rock cliffs which were partially cast from molds, and partially hand carved, and then stained appropriate colors for the area being modeled. All the backdrop has been painted by two of our LayoutBuilders team members.

Switch control mechanisms, car car boxes, and station operator phone boxes were built and installed by LayoutBuilders. Several control panels were installed following our perfected design and construction techniques. A new turntable was installed to replace one that exhibited many problems too numerous to correct. Two stair steps at one end of a raised platform were converted to a long, gradual ramp to eliminate the potential of guests falling while watching trains and not their footing. Safety railings and a self closing gate were designed and installed to further improve the safety of guests at several raised platform areas.


Construction continues on this large and ambitious layout. LayoutBuilders continues to provide support several days per month, helping this owner achieve his dream. To visit this layout, please select this link: