From complete layouts to custom projects.


We build complete model railroad layouts, or can help with any aspect of construction. We are here to provide you with the assistance you need to attain your goals. From benchwork construction to full detailing, we will provide to you exactly the amount of support you desire. We can provide the additional skills you need to gain that perfect dream layout you have always wanted. 

Areas we specialize in:

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Benchwork construction.


We use a variety of quality materials to ensure that your benchwork is solid and sturdy. We've built helixes, lift-outs, and other special sections. All joints are glued and screwed, and more than adequate support and bracing is always incorporated in our projects.



Custom handlaid track that flows prototypically is our specialty, but we also build reliable layouts based on prefab components. Our philosohy is that the track is the foundation for a good running layout and should be built to 125% perfection.

Scenery and structure.


Scratchbuilt or kitbashed structures and believable, attractive scenery bring your layout to life. We also assemble and superdetail off-the-shelf kits on request.

Backdrop and fascia.


Each scene can be framed beautifully for maximum realism and appeal. Fascias are strong and resist the occasional bump and lean, and can be built to flow along aisle contours to enhance the visual presentation of the layout. Backdrops add the appearance of a continuing horizon.

Control and wiring.


We recommend utilizing Digital Command Control (DCC) for all layouts, but can also provide traditional wiring methods. We have the experience in both to build a troublefree and easy to use system for your layout. We can also install video monitoring systems to view hidden or hard to see areas.


Layout Builders is proud to be an approved dealer for NCE DCC products.

Layout design.


Reliability, operating interest, and visual appeal begin with a thoughtful layout design that captures your vision. Whether a small switching layout, a medium sized display layout, a large operations based layout, or any combination of these elements, we will make the best use of the space available.

Repair and upgrade.


Are there problems with your existing layout that you've been meaning to fix? Let us smooth trackwork, clarify controls, and salvage scenery. Our years of experience give us the insight needed to identify problem areas and then determine the best corrective actions needed to eliminate them. 

Custom projects.


We can build a structure (or a whole neighborhood!), complete a scene, weather rolling stock, and many other specific projects.


We can build models of prototype structures. Utilizing laser cutting and engraving equipment, we are able to produce credible replicas of most any building. Whenever possible, we obtain architectural plans of the structure. Lacking plans we will attempt to measure a structure using good old fashioned techniques and tools such as tape measures and graduated measuring sticks.