Custom Layout Pricing.


Investing in a Quality Layout.


As with any professional service, custom layout construction is an investment. That investment results in a high-quality layout that runs well, looks great, and is up and running in short order.


Our clients value our attention to detail and commitment to quality and have found that an investment in a custom built layout pays great dividends in enjoyment of the hobby for many years to come.


Project Pricing.


When you are ready to begin we'll work with you to determine the scope and timing of your project. Prices are estimated based on the overall complexity of the layout and the degree of finish you desire. Because every layout is unique, estimates are specific to your project. Contact us to learn more about our services so we can develop a quote specifically for your needs.


It is impossible to give you an estimate without a thorough understanding of your desired outcome. Typical factors that affect pricing are:


  • State of completion desired upon delivery

  • Level of detail required

  • Wiring and track signalling complexity, if any

  • Rural, desert, or mountain scenery

  • Number of towns and switching areas

  • Handlaid or pre-fab track components


And many more! Every layout is unique, so we cannot generalize about the estimated cost of your project without first asking you many questions about what you will be expecting from us. Even the smallest layout costs can vary significantly depending on what the customer wants.


We work on an hourly basis as a sub-contractor to you. We purchase the materials for you as your agent by way of an initial deposit from you, which starts the project. Then we assemble your materials to create your layout. This gives you true ownership of your project, giving you full control of the schedule and materials used if desired. At all times you can honestly say it is "My Layout". 


Required Deposits.


Every project will require a deposit. Small projects that are less than $5K may require full payment before the project is started. Larger projects will require a minimum of $5K down to begin work.


The deposit begins the process. Materials are the most time sensitive part of any layout project. Most hobby supply sources maintain an inventory level with the weekend modeler in mind. Most modelers work on their layouts for a period of years, not weeks or months as we do, and purchase critical materials one or two at a time rather than in bulk as we must do. To ensure that shortages of materials do not interrupt our fast-tracked construction schedule, all materials are purchased as soon as the deposit is received. This gives us time to search multiple secondary sources at beginning of the project for materials that may be in short supply at the major hobby supply sources. 


Payment Schedules.


After the initial deposit has been received, and construction started, the remaining balance is paid in monthly installments. At the end of each month an invoice will be prepared that details hours worked, and materials purchased. If necessary, additional material deposits may be necessary, especially for larger projects. Invoices are to be paid within 30 days of receipt.