Car Card Pockets.


My fascia pockets keep the car card boxes out of the aisle. They are easy to see and reach, and there are no edges to catch clothing or bodies. Pockets installed in the lower level of my double deck layout have an opening that is 2-1/4" wide by 2-1/2" high. The box is 1-1/4" deep. A 1" hole at the center of the backplate allows fingers to reach behind the car card if it is laying flat against the back of the box. The boxes are positioned and glued behind the fascia so the top of the car card is at the midpoint of the opening. The boxes for the upper level of the layout are installed horizontially because the fascia here is as thin as possible to improve sightlines to the lower level. They are installed behind a 2-1/2" wide by 1" high notch cut into the bottom edge of the fascia. A curved cutout is made to the front edge of the bottom of the box to assist in accessing the car cards.