FAQ - Frequently Askes Questions.

Why should I let someone else build my layout?


The model railroading hobby has many facets. Some enjoy construction and others enjoy operating and displaying the final product but don't currently have the time or skills to build a layout.


Working with the experienced team at Layout Builders, our customers have achieved their model railroad goals quickly, allowing them to spend their precious time running trains and enjoying a finished layout much sooner than if they did it on their own.





I live far from the West Coast. How does that work?


We can build layouts in sections that may be transported, set up, and checked out at

your location. Expenses for travel and set up will be included in our proposal to you.




Do you only work on larger layouts?


Layouts don't have to be large to be great. We'll work with you to design a layout that gets the most out of your available space, large or small.


My friend says he'll help me on my layout. Why should I work with you?


For most of our clients, time is the missing factor in building a layout. Because we're professionals, we'll finish your layout on the agreed-upon schedule and budget. And it will be built with the highest quality for years of trouble free operation and great appearance.


Are you more expensive than your competitors?


Maybe, and maybe not. We believe that long-term enjoyment of a layout comes from the built-in reliability gained by strict adherence to quality. We don't believe in cutting corners ....and our clients agree their investment was very worthwhile. Our pricing is dependent on your specific needs and budget, and reflects our committment to doing everything as well as can possibly be done to satisfy those needs, while keeping within your budget. There is great value in the end results of that commitment. You'll be thrilled to display and operate your layout, and we take extreme pride in our client's satisfaction.


Should I go with DCC?


DCC (Digital Command Control) offers the control of individual locomotives on the same track, much like the prototype operates. Even for small layouts, DCC can provide maximum control, allowing multiple locos with a minumum of wiring and elimination of block switches. Some would argue that the smaller the layout, the more benefit it will have by use of DCC. 


Add the benefit of sound and lighting effects, DCC is the choice for many descerning model railroaders for their existing layouts and especially on newly built layouts. DCC costs compare favorably with traditional DC block control due to the elimination of costly block control switches, panels to mount them on, and the many wires required. With DCC, wiring is much simplified. And with the elimination of block control toggle switches, the operator can focus on running the trains instead of on throwing block switches.


Layout Builders is proud to be a dealer of NCE DCC products

Another completed layout beginning it's 1,000 mile journey to it's new owner.